About Cambodia Cotton Club

Cotton has been one of the most important crops in human lives from prehistoric times. 

Yet not many know that cotton production today is often endangering human lives, their environment and the ecosystems. Cotton plantations use a disproportionate amount of insecticides and pesticides. The workers are often underpaid, exposed to dangerous chemicals growing and harvesting the crops.

Cambodia Cotton Club was founded in 2007 with the objective of growing bio-organic cotton that's safe to the environment and rewarding to the people of rural Cambodia, many of whom are subsistence farmers.  We are based in Battambang where there are still many mines left over from the civil war. 

Our hope is to turn the minefields into organic cotton fields.

We have asked the local farmers to grow cotton species native to Southeast Asia that are not genetically modified.

We are creating a line of organic cotton products safe and comfortable for the users, utilizing traditional yarning and weaving techniques, and natural dyes. No insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or any other harmful chemicals are used in any stage of our production.

The founder Atsushi Furusawa is a former television producer from Japan who came to Cambodia aiming to create a sustainable social business to alleviate poverty in rural Cambodia that he had witnessed as a journalist.  All other staffs in our workshop are Battambang residents. They have learned to yarn, design, weave and dye, step by step.

Currently, we have scarves, towels, pajamas and baby shawls and are hoping to create and improve the products.

Please join us in developing high quality products and a sustainable fair trade.

Cambodia Cotton Club

Postal code 02360

box 303,

Battambang Post office, CAMBODIA,

Cambodia Cotton Club