About us

About us

Cambodia Cotton Club is a social enterprise established to empower people from rural communities in the province of Battambang, in north western Cambodia.


   We have partnered with local farmers to grow organic cotton and created jobs for women from the farming communities. Many farms in Battambang, including ours,  are reclaimed minefields, due to old wars that do not define us any more. Aat our workshop, where we handcraft an original line of organic products.

    We are dedicated to making sure that every process of our production is safe and sustainable for the people and the environment. We provide training and fair wage for our staff. We empower women workers.

    Our cotton is 100% organic and our products are 100% natural. We do not use genetically modified seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides nor artificial dyes that we see as harmful to human and nature.

    All our products are crafted with care and dedication beginning with the spinning of the cotton threads to the weaving and dying of textiles.

    Cotton has been the most an important fibre for us since ancient times. Our lives are intertwined with cotton threads, textiles and garments.

    Yet most of us are unaware of how cotton is produced, how its production today is harming lives, environment and the ecosystem.

    Consumers around the world nowadays demand cheap cotton products, often to throw them away after a short term.

    This demand for cheap cotton clothing comes at a high cost to the people and the environment in developing countries - polluting their water and turning once fertile fields into deserts.

    Cotton farming accounts for 24% of the global sales of insecticide despite the fact that cotton farms and plantations account for only 2.4% of world’s crop land (1).

    Worldwide, Herbicides are used to defoliate cotton plants in order to remove leaves so that the harvest can be more efficient.

    The result is that means farm workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals, even though they are paid barely enough to survive. Many are children, deprived of the chance to study in school.


Cambodia Cotton Club wants to change this relationship between cotton, human and the environment, to create a sustainable future for our children.



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About the Founder

Atsushi Furusawa was born in 1969 in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. He moved to Battambang in 2007 after working for over a decade as a journalist producing documentaries on the impact of war and its aftermaths in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    He fell in love with Cambodian people when he was met with their smiles and their resilience in the aftermaths of the civil war.

     As a journalist, Atsushi observed the devastating legacies of conflicts. One day he and made a decision to contribute, to making a difference rather than just observe. Farming communities in Battambang still suffer from the after effects of the genocide and civil war that continued into the 1990s killing millions of people. Sadly, landmine fields are a lasting legacy, still injuring local people today, and preventing use of arable land.  Atsushi He chose to work in Cambodia, the first war-torn country he visited, by creating jobs in rural Battambang through a social business that could be sustained without donations. 

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Cambodia Cotton Club

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