Our products

Our main products are cotton scarves, cool in summer and warm in winter.

We use 100% organic cotton, free of pesticides and herbicides, produced in partnership with local farmers.


Our cotton threads are spun by manual spinning machines called 'gara-bo' made in Japan in the 19th Century. The name comes from the sound it made 'gara-gara' and the Japanese word for spin 'bo'

   We dye the cotton threads following traditional methods, using a diverse range of natural plants and minerals that we grow and harvest in the garden in our workshop or in local farmland and forests.

    We hand weave the cotton into textiles with character. No one item is identical with another. Each one differs slightly in its shape, size and colour. The scarves are resilient and sturdy but the naturally dyed colours may eventually change or fade over time. We can re-dye them at a small cost upon requests.

    Some may contain tiny remnants of leaves as we remove the leaves from the cotton with hands without using herbicides. 

Price : From USD 50 to USD 80 including postal fee

Size of largest scarves : 200cm x 100 cm, a bit over 2 by 1 yards.

Every scarf comes with a decorative miniature fishing basket handwoven from bamboo and a button made from coconut shell featuring our logo hung on banana skin threads. There is a cotton seed inside the basket that you can grown in your planters.

 Recommended care:

- hand wash recommended

- use luke warm water (around 40C/104F)

- pH balanced natural soap neutral in acidity is recommended

- avoid detergent with bleaches or brighteners

- soak, pull out and press push gently without scrubbing;, repeat the process

- change water and cleanse the soap out gently

- wash on its own as the colours may run in the beginning

- line dry in the shade


Caution for daily use:

- Strong alkaline, acidic or alcoholic products coming into contact with the scarves may change their colours.


Colours from natural dyes will fade overtime.

We hope you will enjoy the natural change of colours as in nature.